A partial wrap or full wrap can be the ideal and only choice if you’re looking for custom graphics or you’re simply the type who enjoys changing colors every so often. It’s a much greener alternative than paint as the manufacturing processes of paint releases harmful contaminants into the environment. A wrap is completely reversible and uses significantly greener material in comparison.

Protect your original investment for years to come and improve the resell value of your car. Almost all modern-day auto manufacturers use robotic machinery to paint vehicles for perfect coverage and removing the possibility of human error. This original finish can never be replicated even through the highest equipped paint shops. If you’re deciding whether to wrap your vehicle or paint your vehicle, we always recommend a wrap as it’ll protect your original paint, and it’s completely reversible. You never have to worry about protecting your cars original paint, since we do have a wide range of paint protection films in stock. You’ll have a wall of protection from the inevitable wear and tear of rock chips, ordinary road debris and UV fade.

Wrapping vs. Painting

  • Aftermarket re-painting will depreciate the resale value of your vehicle
  • Tired and want to change the color of your leased vehicle…no problem
  • Your vehicle didn’t come in the color you desired…no problem
  • Takes up to 2wks to paint versus only 2 days to wrap
  • Wraps more durable and serves as a deflector from road debris, weathering, wear and tear
  • Reserve your original factory paint
  • Custom stripes/decals or Wrapping interior parts is far more effective and removal is a breeze
  • Avoid common painting problems such as fading, flaking, dry spray, runs, fish eyes, orange peels
  • Sure, some paint jobs may be cheaper but expect low quality no name brands
  • Quality wrap brands you can trust and count on such as 3m, Avery, Suntek
  • A high-quality vehicle wrap will be less expensive than any high-quality paint job guaranteed
  • Achieve impressive results like brushed metal finishes that paint simply can’t do

Top of the Line

CWraps uses top of the line 3M Controltac with matching 3M laminate for full commercial car wrapping in Tennessee.

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